Meet The Staff

David Wollaeger
+1 (314) 932-1122

David has been involved in different areas of the motor vehicle business for most of his life. Doing everything from working for car washes, to working for some of the largest franchise dealerships in the United States. David found that there was a lot of change happening in the automobile industry in the last decade. Although the industry has been evolving, most dealerships have been very slow to adapt. He feels that a vehicle transaction should be a very transparent process and the customer should be on an even playing field. The internet has created a wealth of knowledge that is available to the average consumer like never before. Dealers are still trying their old tricks like “$5,000 over Kelley Blue Book for your trade!!” or the “Let me talk to my manager” game. These are tricks just to get people in the door and in most cases, leave them with a bad taste in their mouth. David prides himself in educating the customer and helping them make a smart purchase. He works hand in hand with the staff to make the purchase process straightforward and painless for the customer.

When it comes to finance, Chris has the loan for you!!! Super Prime to Sub Prime, Chris will work with you to obtain the best finance options to fit your needs. When there is a will, there is a way.

Christopher Neistat
+1 (314) 932-1122

Jack Hisserich
+1 (314) 932-1122

Jack has been in the automobile business 44 years!! That’s right, I said 44 years!!!! He knows what it takes to take care of Grow Automotive customers before, during, and after the sale!! Please let Jack and the entire staff at Grow Automotive show you how easy and great the car buying experience can and should be.